TMT/AAB's engineers are highly qualified and specialize in the creation of the ideal greenhouse, with necessary equipment and controls to suit different climatic conditions. It also specifies the details for the foundation and preparation of sites for the greenhouses.
Greenhouses are required to protect the plants from rain, wind and excessive radiation and to create a controlled micro climate around the plants.


The structure of the greenhouse with all its equipment is an important aspect that needs to be considered for the production of superior quality flowers.


And TMT ensures that the construction of green houses meets the required climatic conditions, thus guaranteeing the excellence of the final produce.

I n - H o u s e   F a c i l i t i e s   

An essential aspect of supplying the greenhouse involves arrangements to equip them with high tech components and advanced facilities.


TMT also extends assistance and information regarding irrigation, drainage and water techniques, effective heating and cooling patterns, humidity and shading systems.
This ensures the production of higher outputs and superior quality flowers through the creation of selected and specified environment.


W a t e r   W o r k s   &    F e r t i l i z e r s   

Irrigation systems involve drip, mist and sprinkler irrigation methods, rain water collection and pump units.
The fertilizing units are completely automatic and computer-controlled.


C l i m a t e   C o n t r o l   

In places with higher temperatures, greenhouses are provided with screens that reflect the heat and keep them cool. Fan and pad type cooling systems are required where the ambient temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius. Roof cooling is another alternative that gives extra possibilities for cooling the greenhouse.

S h a d i n g   


Many of the greenhouses are constructed after taking into account an essential component of climate control viz., shading. The shading units include horizontal, side wall, rolling and young plant screens. Screens ensure that the lowering of temperatures inside the greenhouse and the control of humidity are also taken care of.


S y s t e m   B a s e d   

Irrigation and pump units are adapted onto an universal computer. In addition, computers are used to monitor and control ventilation, heating, fertilizer applications, co2 dosing, screening installations, cooling and lighting. The computer and software systems are state-of-the-art and imported from Holland.

The climate computer ensures storage and display of present and historical data on the environment in addition to monitoring conditions and activating alarms whenever necessary.
Computerized controls assure higher yield and productivity because of the controlled environment, at the same time saving on fuel and labor costs. Computerization also minimizes the risks that may occur due to human interference. The use of automation is an indication of the advances in greenhouse technology. And TMT offers the latest technology backed by international know-how and superior quality standards.
Standards that ultimately assure the production of superior quality flowers.