For the first time in the country TMT (India) Ltd. pioneered the indigenous manufacture of different kinds of paper machinery. It is the first Indian company to have exported an entire paper project on turnkey basis and is presently implementing several such projects.

Over the years, the company has expanded and diversified in to the manufacture of effluent treatment systems and LPG cylinders among others.
In view of the vast prospects in the floriculture industry TMT's turnkey floriculture and Green house projects are well timed.
Helping TMT forge ahead in collaboration with Agro AdviesBuro B.V. (AAB) Holland, which is a member and secretary of the Promoflora group, Holland.
AAB, Holland is a high quality Dutch company which offers a wide range of excellent designs, services and expertise in Green house technology.
Promoflora, Holland is co-operation of a group of companies importing and exporting a wide range of floriculture products and taking care of logistic support in floriculture.
AAB, Holland in association with other members of Promoflora, Holland, makes marketing and sales arrangements for flowers produced in India and other countries.

The company provides services to entrepreneurs and organizations in different fields of floriculture. Its principle activities are in the areas of strategic planning, project guidance, marketing and management consultancy. AAB's experience ranges from major sector related issues to individual projects . it has developed approximately 2,500,000 square meters of nurseries in Holland and provided consultancy and construction guidance in Europe and the tropics for approximately 1,500,000 square meters.
TMT's agreement with AAB, Holland provides Dutch technology, cultivation techniques and marketing arrangements.

Every aspect of TMT's consultancy services has the backing of AB's reputation for high quality work. Thus putting Dutch technology, infrastructure and experience at your disposal along with TMT's expertise in turnkey project work and accessibility.