Package & marketing

Packing station equipments are required to maintain correct stem lengths and uniform quality that are specified as per international regulations. The grading machines are PLC controlled and operate through sensors for separating the flowers according to size. Wrapping machines ensure that the flowers are uniformly packed.

G r o w t h   T e c h n i q u e s    


TMT's assistance extends to the cultivation of the plants through all its various stages. Details and blueprints for production procedures and growing patterns that will result in the development of superior quality flowers are also provided.
The company specifies the design and supply of CO2 enrichment systems to enhance the levels of production and quality of the flowers. Periodic dosing of the plant with CO2 facilitates the growth of the plant during the day by improving photosynthesis.
This helps enhance the production and quality of the flowers.
Information regarding appropriate soil conditions, addition of organic matter, nutrition, climate control, humidity measurements and an effective watering system are also offered.
Post planting details that need to be looked into are watering, fertilizing, climate control and disease control that are important links in the chain. Apart from that, inputs are also given on adequate logistics, working methods and post harvest care.
TMT also guides customers on the prophylactic spray schedule for the control of diseases and pests. The application of micro nutrients ensures that the proper quality of the produce and required production levels for the international markets are achieved.


M a r k e t i n g   


A unique aspect of TMT's consultancy service is the 100% marketing arrangement that it offers to its customers. And its association with AAB, Holland assures the product of a worldwide market.
And the establishment of direct global avenues through its wholesalers at prevailing rates, thus eliminating the process of going through the auction hall. In the process realizing higher returns at lower costs.