Quality Measures

An insistence on quality always. TMT is always looking for ways to further upgrade its already high level of quality with measures that adhere to the stringent standards of ISO-stage-wise inspections, rigorous checks and controls that ensure the excellence and quality of the products. This gives TMT more than the advanced technological edge. It also offers the company the opportunity to incorporate and achieve global standards. And TMT's clients recognize the excellence and superiority of its products.


Dr. Cheddy Jagan, Honorable President of Guyana, signing as witness for the Joint Venture Agreement with Demerara Distillers Ltd.


V i s i o n   o f   T h e    P e o p l e  


Finally in any business venture it is the people who make all the difference. The success at TMT has been because of the team-professionals who are involved in the development of design, in field work and the execution through commissioning.