At TMT, growth is a way of life. With a philosophy of inventing technologies and exploring virgin markets. That has established a trend. The trend of charting out untrodden paths. With path breaking ideas and results.
This spirit has propelled TMT to explore new horizons and innovate new technologies. And has led to the first ever export of a complete paper project from India.
TMT's emphasis on indigenous technology and in-house R & D, strengthened by its engeneering manpower led to the development of the first viable chemical recovery system for medium sized agro based pulp mills.


The chemical recovery system of TMT is first of its kind in the country. This system was designed amd commissioned by TMT for a medium sized bagasse based plant. I facilitates the effective recovery of caustic soda from black liquor and prevents the free draining of pollutants.

The system has been supplied, erected and successfully commissioned at Satpuda pulp and paper project in Maharashtra. Thus, demonstrating and re-confirming TMT's capability to pioneer appropriate technology.


TMT can now supply Recovery Systems consisting of evaporators of the latest falling film design, boilers and re-causticizing equipment that are specially tailor-made to suit the demands of the customer.


Most of the company's forays have been nito industries which have been recognized as key growth sectors. Strategic diversifications into those sectors and industries that are poised for quantum growth. To do this, TMT has tied up with world leaders for access to state-of-the-art technologies and the opportunity to achieve international standards.


TMT manufactures high capacity drum chippers and pressure knotters, rechippers and screens. It specializes in customized designs of blow tanks and blow heat recovery systems the company has developed pulpers, screens, vibrating knotters, turbo and plastic separators, centricleaners, thickeners and valveless filters. In collaboration with Warburton Holgate Ltd., UK, TMT manufacturer's paper machines upto a capacity of 200 MTPD.


With a wide range that extends from writing and printing. MGKRAFT to Duplex Broad Machines, on-machine coated and finished products and multi fourdrinier machines.

TMT has also collaborated with Degremont India Ltd. to manufacture superior quality Pollution control equipment. a range that includes clarifiers, thickeners, sludge dewatering machines and aerators for raw and waste water clarification.


TMT has also undertaken the setting up of floriculture projects on turnkey basis in collaboration with Agro AdviecBuro B.V., a Dutch company, reputed for their technical know-how and international marketing.
The company has also embarked upon a 100% EOU-Agrotech Division. Taking advantage of a sunrise global business.

LPG cylinders are one of the most important products of the company. This facilitiy is supported by professional expertise and equipment, rigorous quality control procedure and stage-wise inspections. TMT has the capacity to produce up to 2, 00,000 cylinders every year.

The turnkey approach to products involves the smooth forging of innumerable activities. The conceptualization stage is followed by detailed engineering, material procurement, civil construction, erection of the plant and machinery before it is finally commissioned. Activities which have been successfully carried out by TMT. Every time.