Natural Herbal Extracts

The natural herbal extracts are produced from the natural medicinal plants parts like roots, leaves, fruits, barks other parts the plants by extraction and purification process. These are natural plant products used in many applications. Some of the natural extracts are used as natural colouring agents and some are used in many medicinal formulation. The natural extracts planned to produce are scientifically proved and established in the treatment of many diseases without any side effects.

The awareness for natural products is increasing day by day and demand for the Natural Extracts as auyurvedic products is picking up worldwide. Indian flora is rich in medicinal plants and there is a lot of potential and scope for Natural Extracts.

The following are the Natural Extracts.

--------OUR PRODUCTS--------

Boswallic Acid
Garcinia Double salt(water Soluble)
Garcinia Single Salt
Tribulus Terestris Dry
Geen Tea Extract
Ginger Oleoresin
Pepper Extract
Coffee Extract